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All our cakes are made using fresh ingredients.

No premixes here!

Classic Madagascan Vanilla - Vanilla Sponge layered with vanilla buttercream and strawberry or raspberry preserve

Decadent Chocolate - Rich dark chocolate mudcake with chocolate buttercream

Luscious Lemon - Zesty Lemon sponge with lemon buttercream and lashings of lemon curd

Marble Cake - A combination of Decadent Chocolate and Classic Vanilla Madeira filled with either chocolate or vanilla buttercream

Cookies & Cream - Vanilla or chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream 

Cherry Bakewell - Classic Almond sponge with cherry or raspberry conserve with cherry buttercream

Black Forest - Decadent chocolate cake with Black Cherry conserve and cherry buttercream

Traditional Fruit Cake - Loaded with Brandy soaked fruit and covered with marzipan - contains nuts!

All cakes are coated with ganache underneath the sugarpaste for a smooth and sturdy base to decorate on.

This is made with cream and premium quality Belgian chocolate.


Due to health and safety risks, I do not cater for nut or egg allergies. Many of my recipes can be adapted to suit diet choices, for example dairy or gluten free diets.

If you are concerned about any ingredients in any recipes, I will be happy to provide you with a list of ingredients upon request.  The safety of my customers is a priority and it is important you read the following if you (or the recipient of the cake) has any allergies. 

For customers with SERIOUS ALLERGIES, who may react severely to the smallest trace of an allergen, it is important to recognise that even though every effort is taken to prevent cross-contamination, (by storing baking ingredients separately from my family’s ingredients), unfortunately I CANNOT guarantee that any food item produced is 100% FREE from ALLERGENS.  There may still be traces present on machinery, utensils or airborne contaminants. Therefore I am NOT able to produce Allergen Free food items.   Our advice would be that you find an alternative baker who can guarantee a safe, dedicated, allergen free environment.

For customers with MILD food ALLERGIES, intolerances or religious beliefs and dietary requirements, we are able to adjust my recipes and purchase replacement ingredients as necessary.  

I can replace some ingredients used in baking.  For example: EGGS and DAIRY products can be replaced with alternative VEGAN recipes and use vegetable based spreads or  soya/almond milk.

I can replace ingredients containing WHEAT/GLUTEN with alternatives such as gluten free flours.  These products are available at no extra charge. 

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